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Welcome to Cafe Positive

Where we curate coffee experiences that are as uplifting as our name suggests. Our story began in 2022 when three friends, bound by their shared love for coffee and exploration, traveled to the rich coffee lands of Armenia, Colombia. Here, they found themselves in the heart of the world's most exceptional coffee production region, engrossed in an enriching cultural exchange with local farmers who have been mastering the art of coffee cultivation for generations.

What started as a captivating journey soon transformed into a mission: to bring this extraordinary Colombian coffee to the world. Cafe Positive is the manifestation of this passion-driven pursuit. The three friends spent an entire year engaging with local farmers, meticulously searching for the perfect farm to invest in. Their quest led them to a gem nestled high up in the mountains of Quindio, Colombia, two miles above sea level.

Getting to this farm is not an easy feat, but the unparalleled quality of the coffee it produces makes every effort worthwhile. The coffee cherries harvested from this farm carry the unique characteristics of the region's soil and climate, making each sip a testament to the land's rich bounty and the farmers' unwavering dedication.

At Cafe Positive

We believe in preserving the integrity of this coffee by controlling every aspect of its journey from seed to cup. Our coffee beans are meticulously handpicked, carefully processed, and roasted to perfection right at the source in Armenia. The beans are then packed and imported to Miami, Florida, where they find their way to you.

Our vibrant coffee trucks are now a charming sight in Miami, serving cups of our enchanting brew. We also invite you to order from our online store, offering the same high-quality coffee delivered right to your doorstep. When you choose Cafe Positive, you're not just buying a bag or a cup of coffee. You're becoming a part of our story, supporting the Colombian coffee farming community, and most importantly, ensuring a positive start to your day, every day.

So, step into our world of quality coffee, unparalleled service, and, of course, positivity.

Welcome to Cafe Positive.